My name is Chris Christensen. I have written about baseball for almost 30 years. My platform for this expression Elysian Fields Quarterly unfortunately had to stop publishing due to money problems. It’s expensive to make real journals one can hold in a hand–and read in the bathtub. The Internet is all these days. I must move with the times. So my wonderful wife Bobbie stayed up until 2 a.m. and started this adventure in blogging.

With her help, I will continue communicating my thoughts, my ravings, my love of baseball. You can write me at Red_Stitches@yahoo.com. I hope to start soon and give you something to argue with, agree with, something to think about. There are so many of us who love not just our favorite team but the game, the wonderful game of baseball. I’m game. Are you? *Chris*

Click here to contact Chris via email


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