The Spar Stengled Banter

My spousel-unit Bobbie (Bob) and I re-wrote the lyrics to the national anthem a few years ago. It was published in Elysian Fields Quarterly in the spring of 1999. To really appreciate it, you gotta sing it, preferably out loud.

Here it is, with apologies to Francis Scott Key:

Jose Canseco by the dawn’s Early Wynn

What so proudly Chip Hale at the twi-night’s last beaning

Whose long strikes and Dwight scars through the Darryl-less fight

O’er the backstop we saw were so Mattingly screaming.

And the Rocket’s red glare, B. Bonds bursting in error

Gave proof to Ray Knight that our Bagwell was there.

Ron Cey does that Spar Stengled Banter yet rave

O’er the land of Segui and the dome of the Rays.

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One Response to The Spar Stengled Banter

  1. We still got it, my Chrismath. Love this so!

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