We Offer a Toast to Thales, Philosophy, and Peace

In the early evening of May 28, 585 BC, two warring tribes, the Lydians and the Medes, were fighting in what is now western Turkey. Suddenly, the sun began disappearing from the sky. Within seconds darkness ensued—a solar eclipse. The combatants, believing it was an omen from the Gods, ceased fighting, laid down their arms, and declared peace.

Next Thursday—May 28th—marks the 2,600th anniversary of that solar eclipse. It had been predicted by Thales, considered by historians as the “first philosopher,” The accuracy of his prediction made him famous.

In honor of Thales, philosophy, and peace, Philosophy Now magazine is alerting subscribers all over the world of this coming date.

Red Stitches is happy to join Philosophy Now in offering this proposal:

In the early evening of May 28, perhaps as we sit down to dinner, let’s raise a glass and toast Thales, philosophy—and especially, peace.

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