Name That Team

Give the team nicknames from the list of clues. The answer may be in singular form or a homophone; it’s the sound of the name that counts.

  1. Depressed ornithological specimen.
  2. Brobdingnagian ballplayers.
  3. Hub Nine.
  4. 3.14 plus _____ x time = distance.
  5. Combine the first names of Malamud’s Natural and Detroit HoF RFr.
  6. Think obnoxious chant and arm motion.
  7. Aquinas Nine.
  8. Trolley ________.
  9. To pull vigorously on 2.2 pounds.
  10. Bad hops can ruin their game.
  11. Often called lexicon leaders.
  12. The Kid made a second Hall of Fame by snagging these.
  13. Also name of recent erstwhile legend of the links.
  14. Made an acquaintance.
  15. Ingemar Johansson delivered these honky hits to Floyd Patterson.
  16. Not much purple majesty in the their horsehide history.
  17. Stokely Carmichael used this term for Uncle Toms.
  18. McCarthyism nearly changed their nickname.
  19. Columbus misnomer.
  20. Hibernating for well over a century.
  21. Chapman, Boone, Knight, Schalk, Durham.
  22. The ball field is on their backs.
  23. They’ve never reached orbital heights, despite their name.
  24. Who’s yer daddy? They are.
  25. Gemini.
  26. An insect nuisance.
  27. The partner of Jay Silverheels.
  28. They may have a really long face this season.
  29. “With my crossbow/I shot the albatross.”
  30. Numbers not ordinal.
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