An Open Letter to Derek Jeter

My hick cousin from Iowa has expressed his desire to weigh in on the Derek Jeter celebration controversy. He does so in an open letter to Jeter.

Dear Jeet,

I ain’t got a big megaphone like them fellas in the sports media. All I got is my city cousin’s blog, little ol’ Red Stitches.  First, I gotta say that I don’t know you, but judgin’ from what I seen from afar, you ain’t nothin’ like Adrian Peterson or A-Rod.

Now, there’s been lotta brouhaha about yer retirement bandwagon—a lotta commotion from folks who wanna take ya down and and from folks who maybe went too far in the worshippin’ department. I ain’t in either camp, Jeet, but I got a couple bones to pick with you.

First, you coulda avoided all the fuss by announcin’ yer retirement after this season. You always said you didn’t really care for the hubbub. “I just wanna do my job,” you’d say. Well, you can’t have it both ways, brother.

Second, it’s the same thing on the playin’ field. You can’t say you and the Yankees is all about winnin’, then put in a middlin’ season like you did. You coulda asked Joe to drop you down in the battin’ order so as to maybe cut down on them double plays you hit into. You might’ve even took yerself outta the line up when you was slumpin’.

But in a way these is quibbles, ‘cause the Yankees is also about history. They sure do know how to put on a show when it comes celebratin’ their past and present heroes—bringin’ em all back to salute you an’all. So Jeet, even though yer last hurrah maybe wasn’t as shiny as we wanted, you handled it with the kind of class you showed for the past 20 years.

I’d say that’s an example them fellas in the sports media, and the rest of us, might wanna consider followin’. Hats off to you, Jeet. We’ll miss you.

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