The Name Game

These are some of my favorite baseball names:

Gavvy Cravath, Hobie Landrith; Bid McPhee, Birdie Cree;
Frenchy Bordagaray, Pea Ridge Day; School Boy Rowe, Heinie Groh;
Socks Seybold, Nemo Liebold; Vinegar Bend Mizell, Wheezer Dell;
Smead Jolley, Slim Sallee; Coot Veal, Greasy Neale.

Cuckoo Christensen, Baby Doll Jacobsen, Pickles Dillhoefer, Pud Galvin, Van Lingle Mungo, Shooty Babbitt, Ginger Beaumont, Cupid Childs, Razor Shines, Coco Crisp, Mutz Ens, Ferris Fain, Granny Hamner, Chicken Hawks, Solly Hemus, Dummy Hoy, Prince Fielder, Fielder Jones, Peanuts Lowrey, Candy Maldonado, Dode Paskert, Rip Repulski, Suitcase Simpson, Sibby Sisti, Roxy Snipes, Jigger Statz, Troy Tulowitzki, Lastings Milledge.

Gabby Street, Peek-A-Boo Veach, Zack Wheat, Possum Whitted, Emil Yde, Yam Yaryan, Lady Baldwin, Boom-Boom Beck, Three Finger Brown, Nig Cuppy, Hod Eller, Welcome Gaston, Burleigh Grimes, Noodles Hahn, Duster Mails, Firpo Marberry, Cuddles Marshall, Eppa Rixey, Urban Shocker, Cy Slapnicka, Phenominal Smith, Cannonball Titcomb, Zip Zabel.

Meet the guys named Davis with unusual first names: Daisy Davis, Dixie Davis, Peaches Davis, Storm Davis, Trench Davis, and Chili Davis.

And the Tebeaus: Patsy Tebeau, Pussy Tebeau, and White Wings Tebeau.

And the Bunnies: Bunny Fabrique, Bunny Brief, Bunny Hearn (Bunn), and Bunny Hearn (Elmer).

And finally, the Kids, Babes, and Chiefs: Kid Baldwin, Kid Carsey, Kid Elberfeld, Kid Gleason, Kid Mohler, Kid Nichols, Kid Somers, Kid Durbin, Kid Madden, and Kid Speer. Babe Ruth, Babe Herman, Babe Adams, Babe Sherman, Babe Ellison, Babe Dahlgren, Babe Ganzel, Babe Martin, Babe Phelps, Babe Pinelli, Babe Towne, Babe Twombly, and Babe Young. Chief Bender, Chief Meyers, Chief Roseman, Chief Sockalexis, Chief Zimmer, Chief Johnson, Chief Wilson, and Chief Yellow Horse.

I don’t know why, but my all-time favorite is: Piano Legs Hickman. (I am quite enamored of Coco Crisp, especially because I just saw him last week. But my top pick is Van Lingle Mungo. Sounds like a character from Doonesbury. If I happen to become famous for most hours logged at home in bathrobe, I am trying to decide, Lady Bobbitz, or go all Cher or Bono and just be Bobbitz. B. Savitz, editor and executive assistant, whatever that means.)

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