Three Strikes

The current system of more stringent testing is working in the sense that some players are getting caught for using banned substances. However, the penalties are not severe enough. I propose . . . Three Strikes and You’re Out. This approach would be in keeping with the old adage that everyone deserves a second chance. And, though experts say they are rare, false positives do occur.

Unfortunately, my proposal is a pipe dream. The players union would never approve it. But here it is: Get caught the first time, serve a year suspension without pay; the second time, two years without pay. If the player is stupid or brazen enough to try it again and gets caught, he’s done, out of baseball with his pension revoked.

If Major League Baseball continues the current policy, get ready for more excuses like the one from Francisco Cervelli when his name was included in a recent report. Cervelli said he was just seeking advice on how to acquire legal supplements when he contacted Tony Bosch, the notorious head of Biogenesis. As a friend of mine said, that’s like hiring a prostitute for a hug.

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2 Responses to Three Strikes

  1. Russ says: is having a thoughtful PED discussion right now:

  2. Thanks a lot, Russ. Sorry, I’m still getting used to this and don’t check my comments as I should. Some lousy news out of Yankees Spring Training: Center-fielder Curtis Granderson (a GRAND guy!) was hit by a fastball that broke his dang arm.

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